Catholic Daughters of the Americas


The Catholic Daughters of the Americas is a national charitable organization for Catholic women over the age of 18. Founded in 1903 by the Knights of Columbus, we have flourished under our motto of Unity and Charity. Our dedication to Church and country has evolved through the years to encompass local, state, national, and global concerns. We are one of the largest organizations of Catholic women in the world.


 Court St Helen of the Cross, Court #2435 Officers

State District Deputy: Yvonne Garcia 

Regent: Cindy Ortega    

Vice Regent: Tanya Baca 

Recording Secretary: Esther Bargas 

Financial Secretary: Veronica Montano 

Treasurer: Veronica Cordova 







Monthly meetings are held in the Newman Center on the first Thursday of each month at 5:15 p.m.  Due to the recent pandemic, meeting dates will vary. Please contact one of the officers.

Fill us, Lord, with the warm and serene beams of Your light, to guide our steps in Your way. Grant us the strength and vitality of Your own life within us, that we may accomplish well the mission You have given us as Catholic Daughters of the Americas. We ask for the depth and energy of Your love to help us seek a set of strong values to touch each person You send into our lives who needs Your caring presence. 

Keep us faithful to the motto of our Order, “Unity and Charity,” and faithful to the Light, Life, and Love given us through Your Church, that we may generously serve You and the members of Your Mystical Body. May Your light shine from us, Your life flow through us, and Your love animated us, in all of our endeavors.  Amen